Egecot Agriculture is a farmer by the family and continues her expertise on agriculture by performing leading organic cotton products of Turkey and the world.
She has operations in Aegean Region, at the heart of organic agriculture. She produces organic cotton in a very large area with close to 500 farmers in the total of the project.

Aegean Region;

In these soils, hosting Ephesus, Troy, and Virgin Mary, the cradle of civilization of 8500 years, and where mountain and sea blend in, she produces the best organic cotton of the world with the Aegean farmers. Egecot fulfills her responsibility against the nature with organic projects she does with the agriculture farmers and also trains the farmers producing cotton.


In today’s world when the natural circle of life is negatively affected, As Egecot Tarım, sustainable ecological agriculture is the basic principle of our company.


  • The care we pay to the natural life makes itself felt in every stage of the production.
  • The continuity in quality is ensured by sampling in all stages of the production and passing them in certain tests by the quality control laboratory.
  • Thanks to the proactive trainings, we always keep the knowledge of the farmers alive.